Elements Frame Line


Frame Line

We were inspired by nature to create a frame line that is representative of the five elemental building blocks of the universe. At Eyes on You, PC we pride ourselves on high quality frames that tell a unique story and are excited to share with you Elements Eyewear. For thousands of years the four elements - earth, water, air, and fire - were the cornerstone of science, philosophy, and medicine. Space, the fifth element, provides the spatial dimension that connects the other four.


Life began a million years ago, but the Earth formed 4.54 billion years ago. It is the beginning of our foundation and through its cultivation, it has nurtured, fed, and clothed us.


Water covers 70% of the earth. It’s simple molecular structure of one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms is a universal solvent and the basis of all living things.


In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the gods to protect the helpless humans. It is our source for heat and light and our tool for preparing meals.


Air is an element that is powerful and invisible. It takes up space, it has volume, and it exerts pressure. It can give you chills, refresh you on a hot day or tangle your hair.


Space is the final frontier and the dreams of a child. It ties all elements together and holds our stars and planets in place. It surrounds us and supports and connects us.