Who We Are

We are a downtown Portland-based Optometrist focused on delivering today's best eye care and eyewear.

The overriding goal at Eyes On You is always to provide the highest level of service, one patient at a time.

Our Eye Care Services:

  • Complete eye and vision care for all patients, all ages

  • The latest frame styles along with cutting edge lens designs

  • Diagnosis and management of eye disease

  • Contact lenses – everything from convenient daily options to custom, hard to fit lenses

  • Emergency care – Itchy eyes? Eye pain? Sudden vision changes? We’ve got you covered.

  • Dry eye syndrome has many faces. Dry? Irritated? Burning? Gritty? Let us help.

Giving back to our community helps make the world a better place.

Places we've given back to:

  • Community Transitional School

  • Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation

  • Opening Eyes Special Olympics