Health Benefits of Daily Contact Lenses

Contrary to what you may have read lately in the media, wearing contact lenses doesn’t make you any more likely to catch any contagious diseases that you may come into contact with. Nevertheless, you should continue to follow the same robust hand hygiene practices that you normally do when it comes to touching your eyes and handling contact lenses. You could also consider switching to using daily contact lenses, which have been shown to be better for the health of your eyes and your overall wellbeing.


Why is Handwashing so Important When it Comes to Wearing Contact Lenses


Hand hygiene is extremely important at all times and is one of the main ways in which we can prevent contracting and passing infectious diseases to those around us. Using the correct handwashing technique can also prevent you from inadvertently transferring bacteria to your eyes from your hands. 


Most eye infections are transmitted through hand-to-eye contact by hands that are contaminated with infectious microorganisms. The soft tissue, known as mucous membranes, inside the eyelids is not dissimilar to that found in the nose and throat. One of the functions of the membrane is to stop pathogens and dirt from entering the body and causing it harm. However, if a patient’s immune system isn’t working as well as it could, there is a risk that any infectious microorganisms that make their way into the eye could cause illness.  


The best way to prevent the transfer of any dirt, debris, or harmful substances to your eyes you should make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds before you touch them. This includes before putting contact lenses in, taking them our or adjusting them. You should also avoid touching your eyes as much as possible.


How are Daily Contact Lenses Better for my Health?


One of the biggest benefits of daily contact lenses is the fact that they are disposable. While you might think that this is only helpful for convenience, it is also very good news for your health. This is because when you throw away your contact lenses at the end of each day, you also throw away any microorganisms that the lenses may have picked up during the course of the day. Not only does this include proteins, calcium, and lipids that are naturally found in tears, but also bacteria, viruses, fungi, and more. These are impossible to see but can attach themselves to your contacts should you come into contact with them during the day. By disposing of your contact lenses each day, you can ensure that your eyes remain as healthy as possible and reduce your risk of contracting diseases. 


Studies have found that the more frequently you replace your contact lenses, the healthier and more comfortable your eyes can be. And whilst some types of contact lenses can be cleaned, the cleaning process is not always 100% effective and some deposits can still adhere to the lenses and accumulate over time. The cleaning process is also time-consuming, meaning that an increasing number of patients are turning to the more convenient and guaranteed safer solution of daily contact lenses. 



If you would like more advice about taking care of your eyes or the benefits of daily contact lenses for your health, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert eye care team in Portland, OR.